To Live

While enjoying three days and two nights at a retreat for female veterans, I was afforded multiple opportunities to confront various issues that I had allowed to become barriers to my personal growth and development on many fronts. Most of the therapy was delivered through what appeared to be a series of not entirely uncomfortable, … Continue reading To Live

The Challenge of Passing

Not everyone who identifies as transgender desires to fully transition genders. Some are content to embrace self-recognition and self-acceptance while continuing to live in the gender assigned them at birth. Others prefer to present themselves publicly in the most androgynous way possible, not willing to conform to gender presentation stereotypes. But for those who know … Continue reading The Challenge of Passing

Strength to Fight

Fighting any battle can be terribly exhausting to all parties involved. Even those who are not active participants, but exposed to the fight for prolonged periods can be wearied to the point of giving up, separating themselves from the view of the battlefield and blocking out any information about the progress of the ensuing conflict. … Continue reading Strength to Fight

Adjusting to the New You

Transitioning genders is a tremendously intensive process that does not work like flipping a light switch. It is not as easy as trading all of your skirts and dresses for jeans, or turning in your suit and tie for a cocktail dress. There are a lot of changes taking place, many of which are occurring … Continue reading Adjusting to the New You

Overcoming Depression During Transition

I have yet to meet a transgender individual, young or old, male or female, who has managed to escape experiencing some form of depression that was directly related to his or her transition. It happens – it is common. There are so many reasons that transgender individuals experience depression while transitioning. It might be because … Continue reading Overcoming Depression During Transition