About the Author

Amanda Grimes is a writer, public speaker, diversity educator, social justice advocate, and activist. She founded Huntington Area Transgender Support, a group that provides transgender education, resources, and support. She works to promote acceptance of transgender individuals, the overall health and well-being of all those affected by transgender issues, and a better understanding of the many issues that surround the transgender community.

As a public speaker, Amanda has addressed various topics, including diversity, transgender equality, transgender healthcare for veterans (as she is a veteran of the 1st gulf war era), cultural competency, poverty, and privileged perspective at colleges, businesses, the Veteran’s Administration and other organizations.

Designated male at birth, Amanda was raised as a male and spent decades concealing her true gender identity while achieving a great many successes. Rising to societal expectations, she was recognized as a leader of business and non-profit organizations prior to beginning her transition in 2013. She is now a woman who has medically, socially, and legally transitioned, and is admired by many.

This blog is meant to be a place for thoughtful writings on a wide variety of topics relating to the transgender community. Most of the writings found here are excerpts from longer works that may be of interest to some readers. Links to in depth examinations may be found throughout the site. In the case no link is found for a particular topic, or should readers wish to see a specific topic addressed, inquiries and suggestions are able to be submitted by contacting Amanda here.